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ALM Spec L. ch. S31, 12A

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Liability: Providing Shelter


An individual who owns or controls real estate or other premises and, voluntarily and without compensation, allows a city or town to use the real estate for the purpose of sheltering people during an actual, impending, or mock disaster or attack will not be held legally responsible for causing the death or injury to a person on the real estate or the loss or damage to a person's property while on their real estate.

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Immunity from Civil Liability for Owner of Real Estate or Premises Used to Shelter Persons During Enemy Attack

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Any person owning or controlling real estate or other premises who voluntarily and without compensation grants to a city or town a license or privilege, or otherwise permits a city or town, to inspect, designate and use the whole or any part or parts of such real estate or premises for the purpose of sheltering persons during an actual, impending or mock enemy attack shall, together with his successors in interests, if any, not be civilly liable for negligently causing the death of, or injury to, any person, or for loss of, or damage to, the property of such person on or about such real estate or premises under such license, privilege or other permission, and section fifteen of chapter one hundred and eighty-six of the General Laws shall not be deemed to apply to any agreement granting such license or privilege or to such other permission, whether such agreement is executed, or such other permission is given, before or after the effective date of this section.