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Board of Health Professions Regulations 5 .4

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Temporary License: Health Professional


A health professional, who holds a license to practice in another jurisdiction, and who intends to perform volunteer services, can obtain a temporary license to practice for up to 6 months by submitting an application to the Palau Board of Health. They will have the same rights and responsibilities as fully licensed health professionals in Palau.

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Temporary License

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The Board has the authority to issue a six (6) month temporary license to a health professional in the following instances: (1) The applicant submits proof that he or she is licensed in another jurisdiction and wishes to practice in Palau for a period not to exceed six months. (2) To allow the applicant to practice when the applicant is applying for licensure by endorsement and is awaiting results of licensure in a foreign jurisdiction.(3) To allow the applicant to practice when the applicant is a recent graduate of a health education program, is applying to the Board for licensure, and is awaiting complete documentation for the application. (4) Consultants or other health professionals performing volunteer services in the Republic of Palau shall apply to the Board for temporary licenses and shall receive expedited review upon submitting proof of licensure in another jurisdiction. Temporary licenses shall not be renewed.The granting or denial of a temporary license is completely in the Board’s discretion and the Board's decision regarding the granting or withholding of such temporary license is final. All health professionals holding a temporary license have the same rights and responsibilities as health professionals holding a permanent license.