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NY CLS Unconsol, Ch. 131, Art. III, 32

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Powers, Duties, Immunities and Privileges: Civil Defense Force Providing Aid in Another Jurisdiction


A member of a civil defense force from within New York, another state, the federal government, or Canada will receive the same powers, duties, immunities, and privileges of their home jurisdiction while performing civil defense services within New York pursuant to a law, regulation, agreement, or compact requesting aid.

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Notwithstanding any inconsistent provision of law, members of civil defense forces in the state and members of the civil defense forces of other states or of the federal government or of the dominion of Canada or of a province or subdivision thereof performing civil defense services at any place in this state pursuant to any law, any rule, regulation or order duly promulgated or issued pursuant to this act, any federal law, or any agreement, compact, or arrangement for mutual aid and assistance, to which the state or a political subdivision thereof is a party, shall possess the same powers, duties, immunities and privileges they would ordinarily possess if performing their duties in the jurisdiction in which normally employed or rendering services.