{"Reasonable determination":"Utilizing ordinary medical care and skill"}
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Wyo. Stat. 35-2-115

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Liability: Refusing to Provide Emergency Services


A Wyoming-licensed physician or hospital employee who refuses to provide emergency services at a hospital based on a reasonable determination that the patient’s condition is not serious, or there are not enough hospital staff to care for the patient, or the facility is inadequate to treat the patient, the physician or hospital employee will not be held legally responsible.

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Emergency services

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(a) Emergency service and care shall be provided, at the regularly established charges of the hospital, to any person requesting such services or care, or for whom such services or care is requested, for any condition in which the person is in danger of loss of life, or serious injury or illness, at any hospital licensed in the state of Wyoming that maintains and operates emergency services to the public when such hospital has appropriate facilities and qualified personnel available to provide such services or care. (b) Neither the hospital, its employees, nor any physician licensed to practice in the state of Wyoming shall be held liable in any action arising out of a refusal to render emergency services or care at such licensed hospital, if ordinary medical care and skill is exercised in determining the condition of the person, and a decision is made that such refusal shall not result in any permanent illness or injury to such person or a decision is made that sufficient qualified personnel are not available to treat said person, or a decision is made that facilities or equipment are not available to treat said person or in determining the appropriateness of the facilities, the qualifications and availability of personnel to render such services.