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Wyo. Stat. 33-16-522(b)

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License Reciprocity: Funeral Service Practitioner During State of Emergency


An individual licensed as a funeral service practitioner in another state can automatically obtain a license to practice in Wyoming upon demonstration that the individual holds a valid current license in good standing as long as either an emergency declaration is in effect or the Wyoming State Board of Funeral Service Practitioners determines such licensure reciprocity would serve educational purposes.

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Out-of-state licensees; reciprocity; state of disaster or emergency; entities and individuals

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(b) In the event of a disaster or a state of emergency, or for the purpose of conducting a bona fide educational program, the board may grant temporary authority to practice funeral service in Wyoming, for the duration of the declared state of emergency or educational program, to an out-of-state licensee upon proof of current license in good standing in his state of residence.