{"political subdivision":"a county, city, borough, or municipality","emergency worker":"registered & certified employee or volunteer of a state or local emergency management organization and has been called to provide aid"}
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Law Number

ARS 26-314(B)

Summary Title

Workers' Compensation: Arizona Employee and Emergency Worker when Out-of-State


An officers, agent, employee or emergency worker of Arizona, or a political subdivision who, in good faith, performs their duties outside of their normal jurisdiction will receive the same legal protections, relief, disability, and workers' compensation as if they were in their home jurisdiction unless acting with carelessness.

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Immunity of state, political subdivisions and officers, agents and emergency workers; limitation; rules

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B. The immunities from liability, exemptions from laws, ordinances and rules, all pensions, relief, disability workers’ compensation and other benefits that apply to the activity of officers, agents, employees or emergency workers of this state or of any political subdivision when performing their respective functions within this state or the territorial limits of their respective political subdivisions apply to them to the same degree and extent while engaged in the performance of any of their functions and duties extraterritorially under this chapter or title 36, chapter 6, article 9, excepting wilful misconduct, gross negligence or bad faith.