{"intrastate mutual aid system":"mutual assistance and sharing of resources among counties, cities, boroughs, incorporated towns, or townships within the state for prevention of, response of, and recovery from threats to public health or safety beyond the capabilities of the affected area."}
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NY Exec 29-h (12)

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License Reciprocity: Intrastate Mutual Aid


A person who holds a license, certificate, or permit issued by a responding entity will be considered to be licensed, certified, or permitted in the requesting juriscition for the duration of the emergency. Scope of practice is the same as if they were in their home jurisdiction. This section is limited to the intrastate mutual aid system.

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Intrastate Mutual Aid Program

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12. License, certificate and permit portability. a. State certified emergency medical services providers who respond outside of their normal jurisdiction pursuant to a request for assistance under this program shall follow their normal operating protocols as if they were responding and rendering services in their home jurisdiction. b. Any other individual authorized and deployed by a participating local government when responding pursuant to a request for assistance under this program shall have the same powers and duties as if they were responding in their home jurisdiction.