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ARS 32-2075(A)(4)

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License Reciprocity: Psychologist


A psychologist actively licensed or certified at the independent level in another jurisdiction of the U.S. or Canada can practice in Arizona if they practice within their scope of practice, their client is aware of the limited nature of the services, and the services do not exceed 20 days per year. A psychologist can exceed the 20 day limit upon acknowledgement from the Board of Psychologist Examiners.

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Exemptions from licensure

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4. A person who resides outside of this state and who is currently licensed or certified to practice psychology at the independent level by a licensing jurisdiction of the United States or Canada if the activities and services conducted in this state are within the psychologist’s customary area of practice, do not exceed twenty days per year and are not otherwise in violation of this chapter and the client or patient, public or consumer is informed of the limited nature of these activities and services and that the psychologist is not licensed in this state. A person may exceed the twenty-day limitation requirement of this paragraph to assist in public service that is related to a disaster as acknowledged by the board.