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ARS 32-2216(A), (D)

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License Reciprocity: Veterinarian


A veterinarian licensed in another state who comes to Arizona to provide voluntary services during a local or state declared emergency can be issued a temporary permit. In order to be issued a temporary permit, the veterinarian must be in good standing with their home state and complete an application. The temporary license is valid for up to 90 days and allows the veterinarian to practice in accordance with the rules and scope of practice of Arizona.

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Issuance of temporary permits; emergency temporary permits; definition

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A. The board may issue temporary permits to veterinary license applicants and to veterinarians licensed in other states who enter this state to provide voluntary services during a state of emergency as declared by the governor or the board of supervisors of the county in which the board of supervisors has declared a local emergency pursuant to section 26-311. Applicants for all temporary permits must be graduates of an American veterinary medical association accredited veterinary college or holders of a certificate from the educational commission for foreign veterinary graduates or from a program for the assessment of veterinary education at the time of application. D. An emergency temporary permit that is issued to an individual who is a veterinarian licensed in good standing in another state entitles the individual to provide voluntary veterinary care during a state of emergency or local emergency for the sole purpose of assisting in care related to that emergency. The emergency temporary permit expires ninety days after the date of issuance or at the end of the state of emergency or local emergency, whichever occurs first. An applicant for an emergency temporary permit shall submit a complete application, including information regarding veterinary licensure in any other state and verification that the statutes and rules pertaining to the board have been reviewed. The board shall verify whether the veterinarian is licensed in the state or states indicated and confirm the applicant’s good standing. The applicant is not required to pass the state veterinary examination. A veterinarian who is issued an emergency temporary permit under this section shall practice in accordance with all laws and rules related to the practice of veterinary medicine in this state. The board may investigate any alleged violation by a holder of an emergency temporary permit and take disciplinary action as prescribed in this chapter. A veterinarian granted an emergency temporary permit under this section is a licensed, certified or authorized emergency responder pursuant to section 49-133 and an emergency worker as defined in section 26-301.