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Wyo. Stat. 33-36-108

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Liability: Ambulance Service During Scarcity of Local Resources


When licensed ambulances are incapable of serving the needs of their localities due to a major catastrophe or emergency, vehicles rendering services as ambulances (including those from out-of-state) can assist in providing care and transportation and will not be professionally disciplined or charged with a crime. Additionally, when a privately owned vehicle transports patients in the performance of a lifesaving act, the operator will not be professionally disciplined or charged with a crime as long as the privately owned vehicle is not routinely used for such purposes. Volunteer ambulance services in rural areas and search and rescue activities are also protected from sanctions and criminal charges.

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(a) The following are exempted from the provisions of this act: (i) The occasional use of a privately owned vehicle or aircraft not designated as an ambulance and not ordinarily used in transporting patients or operating under the provisions of W.S. 1-1-120, in the performance of a lifesaving act; (ii) A vehicle rendering services as an ambulance in case of a major catastrophe or emergency when licensed ambulances based in the localities of the catastrophe or emergency are incapable of rendering the services required; (iii) Ambulances based outside this state, except that any such ambulances receiving a patient within the state shall comply with the provisions of this act; (iv) Vehicles owned and operated by any state agency, political subdivision or search and rescue squads; (v) All industrial ambulances operating within the state of Wyoming, with the exception of the requirement for annual reporting on such forms as required by rules and regulations. As used in this paragraph, “operating within Wyoming” includes operations on company premises or, when providing care at the request of or with the authorization of the public or local community emergency medical service, to persons injured or taken ill. Nothing in this paragraph affects exemptions under paragraphs (i) and (ii) of this subsection; (vi) Individuals involved in search and rescue activities; and (vii) Volunteer ambulance services in an area in which no other ambulance services meeting the requirements of this act are located.