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ARS 32-4502

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License Reciprocity: Out-of-State Business and Employee Registration, License, and Certificate


An out-of-state business or employee temporarily in the state to provide disaster recovery will not be subjected to state or local registration, licensing, or certification requirements regarding the services they are providing if they are in compliance with the requirements of their home jurisdiction. The division of emergency management can request that the out-of-state business provides notice they are performing disaster recovery.

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Temporary relief from registration, licensing, and certification requirements; disaster recovery; notice

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A. An out-of-state business and an out-of-state employee that are in this state on a temporary basis solely for performing disaster recovery from a declared disaster during a disaster period are not subject to any state or local registration, licensing or certification requirements related to the performance of the disaster recovery for the disaster period if the out-of-state business is in substantial compliance with all applicable regulatory and licensing requirements in its state of domicile and the out-of-state employee is in substantial compliance with all applicable regulatory and licensing requirements in the employee’s state of residence. B. On request, an out-of-state business that enters this state shall provide notice to the division of emergency management that it is in this state for the purpose of performing disaster recovery. The notice shall include the business’s name, state of domicile, principal business address, federal tax identification number, date of entry and contact information. C. On request, a registered business shall provide the notice required by subsection B of this section for any out-of-state business affiliate that enters this state. The notice shall include the contact information for the registered business.