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WCWR 048-140-005

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License Reciprocity: Ambulance Services and Emergency Medical Service Provider


Ambulance services and emergency medical services personnel can be granted emergency licenses to operate or practice in order to manage a public health emergency in Wyoming. A written or electronic confirmation is necessary to confirm that emergency medical services personnel are currently licensed at a similar level in another state. The emergency licenses will last until the governor of Wyoming declares that the public health emergency has ended.

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Emergency Licensing of Ambulance Services and Individuals

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(a) Authority. Pursuant to the authority of W.S. § 35-4-114, and at the direction of the State Health Officer, the Division may issue licenses to ambulance services and EMS personnel in order to manage public health emergencies within the state. "Public health emergency" means those emergencies defined by W.S. § 35-4115(a)(i). (i) The Division may grant an Emergency Ambulance Business License to ambulance services not licensed in this state, based on written or electronic confirmation that the ambulance service is licensed within the state of origin; and (ii) The Division may grant Emergency Licenses to individuals as an EMR, EMT, AEMT, IEMT or Paramedic based on written or electronic confirmation that the individual is currently licensed at the comparable level in another state. (b) Emergency Licenses for ambulance services or individuals shall terminate upon the Governor's declaration that the public health emergency has ended