{"emergency responder ":"any person authorized by the department of Homeland Security, the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management, or an emergency jurisdiction to provide aid during a declared emergency, including volunteers.","political subdivision":"a county, city, borough, or municipality"}
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ACA 12-75-128(f)

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Powers, Immunities, and Privileges when Providing Mutual Aid


An emergency responder who acts pursuant to a compact, agreement, or arrangement for mutual aid will receive the same powers, immunities, and privileges in Arkansas or the requesting political subdivision as if they were in their home jurisdiction.

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Emergency responders - Immunities & exemptions

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(f) Any emergency responder performing emergency preparedness services at any place in this state pursuant to agreements, compacts, or arrangements for mutual aid and assistance, to which the state or a political subdivision of the state is a party, shall possess the same powers, duties, immunities, and privileges he or she would ordinarily possess if performing his or her duties in the state, province, or political subdivision of the state or province in which normally employed or rendering services.