{"emergency responder ":"any person authorized by the department of Homeland Security, the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management, or an emergency jurisdiction to provide aid during a declared emergency, including volunteers."}
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ACA 12-75-119(g)

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Workers' Compensation: Intrastate Mutual Aid


An emergency responder who is injured or killed while providing aid to a requesting jurisdiction is entitled to the same workers' compensation as is available when they are within their home jurisdiction.

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Statewide mutual aid system

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(g) (1) An emergency responder who assists a participating emergency jurisdiction that is not the emergency responder's home emergency jurisdiction and who sustains injury or death in the course of, and arising out of, the emergency responder's employment is entitled to all applicable benefits normally available from the emergency responder's home emergency jurisdiction. (2) An emergency responder may receive additional state benefits as provided by law for death in the line of duty.