{"Qualified emergency service worker":"Full time, part-time, or volunteer employee of any state or country, as well as members of mine rescue teams, and instructors and students involved in emergency services education."}
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W. Va. Code 15-5-11

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Qualified Emergency Service Workers During State of Emergency


When an emergency declaration is in effect, a qualified emergency service worker who lawfully engages in activities related to emergency services in West Virginia will not be held legally responsible. They can be held legally responsible if acting with intent to cause harm. They are not required to have a license to practice certain skills. They have the same rights, responsibilities, and entitlements in West Virginia as would be enjoyed in the emergency service worker’s own state when performing activities related to emergency services.

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Immunity and exemption; “duly qualified emergency service worker” defined

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(a) All functions hereunder and all other activities relating to emergency services are hereby declared to be governmental functions. Neither the State nor any political subdivision nor any agency of the State or political subdivision nor, except in cases of willful misconduct, any duly qualified emergency service worker complying with or reasonably attempting to comply with this article or any order, rule, regulation or ordinance promulgated pursuant to this article, shall be liable for the death of or injury to any person or for damage to any property as a result of such activity. This section does not affect the right of any person to receive benefits or compensation to which he or she would otherwise be entitled under this article, chapter twenty-three of this code [§§ 23-1-1 et seq.], any Act of Congress or any other law. (b) Any requirement for a license to practice any professional, mechanical or other skill does not apply to an authorized emergency service worker who shall, in the course of performing his or her duties, practice such skill during an emergency. (c) As used in this section, “duly qualified emergency service worker” means: (1) Any duly qualified full or part-time paid, volunteer or auxiliary employee of this State, or any other state, territory, possession or the District of Columbia, of the federal government, of any neighboring country or political subdivision thereof or of any agency or organization performing emergency services in this State subject to the order or control of or pursuant to the request of the State or any political subdivision thereof. (2) Duly qualified instructors and properly supervised students in recognized educational programs where emergency services are taught. A recognized educational program shall include any program in an educational institution existing under the laws of this State and such other educational programs as shall be established by the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management or otherwise under this article. (3) A member of any duly qualified mine rescue team designated by a mine operator pursuant to the provisions of section thirty-five [§ 22A-1-35], article one, chapter twenty-two-a of this code who is performing or engaging in emergency rescue services. (d) A duly qualified emergency service worker performing his or her duty in this State pursuant to any lawful agreement, compact or arrangement for mutual aid and assistance to which the State or a political subdivision is a party shall possess the same powers, duties, immunities and privileges he or she would possess if performing the same duties in his or her own state, province or political subdivision thereof.