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W. Va. Code 15-5-7

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Powers, Duties, Rights, Privileges and Immunities: Mobile Support Workers Providing Aid in Another Jurisdiction


When an emergency declaration is in effect, an individual who is a member of a mobile support unit established by the governor and who is performing activities related to emergency services in any state will have the same powers, duties, rights, privileges and immunities as would be enjoyed in West Virginia.

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Mobile support units

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The Governor or his duly authorized representative may create and establish such number of mobile support units as are necessary to reinforce emergency service organizations in stricken areas and with due consideration of the plans of the federal government and of other states. He shall appoint a commander for each such unit who shall have primary responsibility for the organization, administration and operation of such unit. A mobile support unit shall be called to duty upon order of the Governor and may function in any part of the State or, upon the conditions specified in this section, in other states. Personnel of mobile support units while on duty, whether within or without the State, shall: (1) If they are employees of the State, have the powers, duties, rights, privileges and immunities and receive the compensation incidental to their employment; (2) if they are employees of a political subdivision of the State and whether serving within or without such political subdivision, have the powers, duties, rights, privileges and immunities and receive the compensation incidental to their employment; and (3) if they are not employees of the State or a political subdivision thereof, be entitled to compensation by the State at the same rate as is paid members of circuit court juries and to the same rights and immunities as are provided by law for the employees of this State. All personnel of mobile support units shall, while on duty, be subject to the operational control of the authority in charge of emergency service activities in the area in which they are serving and shall be reimbursed for all necessary travel and subsistence expenses actually incurred. The State shall reimburse a political subdivision for the compensation paid and necessary travel, subsistence and maintenance expenses actually incurred of employees of such political subdivision while serving as members of a mobile support unit and for all payments for death, disability or injury of such employees incurred in the course of duty and for all losses of or damage to supplies and equipment of such political subdivision resulting from the operation of such mobile support unit.