{"political subdivision":"a county, city, borough, or municipality"}
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Cal Gov Code 8656

Summary Title

Privileges, Immunities, Workers' Compensation, and Disability Benefits : Political Subdivision Officer, Agent, or Employee Providing Aid in Another Jurisdiction


An officer, agent, or employee of a political subdivision will receive the same privileges, immunities, workers' compensation, and disability benefits of their home jurisdiction when aiding in emergency services in another jurisdiction.

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Extraterritorial performance of functions or duties; Applicability of all privileges and immunities, exemptions, rights and benefits

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All of the privileges and immunities from liability; exemptions from laws, ordinances, and rules; all pension, relief, disability, workers' compensation, and other benefits which apply to the activity of officers, agents, or employees of any political subdivision when performing their respective functions within the territorial limits of their respective political subdivisions, shall apply to them to the same degree and extent while engaged in the performance of any of their functions and duties extraterritorially under this chapter.