{"State with a reciprocity agreement":"Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and Kentucky"}
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W. Va. Code 16-4C-20

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Providing Emergency Medical Services Across State Lines


If an individual is a member of a state with a reciprocity agreement with West Virginia and provides emergency medical services, that individual and/or the individual’s employer can enter into and renew service contracts to provide emergency medical care across state lines. If there is a reciprocity agreement in place, individual certification of emergency medical personnel is not required to provide services to West Virginia citizens.

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Service reciprocity agreements for mutual aid

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Any persons or entities providing lawful emergency medical services under the provisions of this article are hereby authorized in their discretion to enter into and renew service reciprocity agreements, for any period as they may deem advisable, with the appropriate emergency medical service providers, county, municipal or other governmental units or in counties contiguous to the State of West Virginia, in the State of Ohio, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the State of Maryland, the Commonwealth of Virginia or the Commonwealth of Kentucky, in order to establish and carry into effect a plan to provide mutual aid across state lines, through the furnishing of properly certified personnel and equipment for the provision of emergency medical services in this state and the counties contiguous to this state upon written approval by the commissioner. No person or entity may enter into any such agreement unless the agreement provides that each of the parties to the agreement shall waive any and all claims against the other parties thereto, which may arise out of their activities outside of their respective jurisdictions under the agreement and shall indemnify and save harmless the other parties to the agreement from all claims by third parties for property damages or personal injuries which may arise out of the activities of the other parties to the agreement outside their respective jurisdictions under the agreement. The commissioner is hereby authorized to enter into service reciprocity agreements with appropriate officials in other states for the purpose of providing emergency medical services to the citizens of this state by emergency medical service personnel properly certified in their respective state or states. A formal agreement between the commissioner and an authorized official of another state shall be in effect prior to the service being provided. Individual certification of other state emergency medical service personnel is not required for purposes of providing services to West Virginia citizens following the creation of the agreement by the responsible officials.