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W. Va. Code 16-45-5(e)

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Liability: Dispensing or Refusing to Dispense Opioid Antagonist


A pharmacist or pharmacist intern who, in good faith, dispenses or refuses to dispense an opioid antagonist will not be held legally responsible.They can be held legally responsible if acting with extreme carelessness or intent to cause harm.

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Licensed health care providers limited liability related to opioid antagonist prescriptions

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(e) Any pharmacist or pharmacy intern who dispenses or refuses to dispense an opioid antagonist under the provisions of this article who is acting in good faith and subject to the requirements of section three-a [§ 16-46-3a] of this article is not, as a result of his or her actions or omissions, subject to civil liability or criminal prosecution unless dispensing the opioid antagonist was the result of the pharmacist or pharmacy interns gross negligence or willful misconduct.