{"Insurance emergency":"A temporary situation declared by the West Virginia Insurance Commissioner when there is an inadequate number of licensed adjusters to meet the demands of the public"}
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W. Va. CSR 114-25-4

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Emergency License: Insurance Adjuster


When an insurance emergency declaration is in effect, an insurer can request for emergency adjuster licenses to be issued to specifically identified individuals. An emergency adjuster license is valid for 120 days.

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Emergency Adjuster Licensing

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4.1. Upon declaration of an insurance emergency, a licensed insurer may apply to the Commissioner requesting the issuance of emergency licenses to persons designated in the application to act as emergency adjusters. The application shall be in the format on the Insurance Commissioner's website. 4.2. The Commissioner shall act on the application within 24 hours after it has been received in his or her office: 4.3. An emergency license is effective for a period not to exceed one hundred and twenty (120) days. 4.4. The Commissioner may, without notice and hearing, revoke the privileges of an individual holding an emergency license on grounds specified by this rule, 4.5. Emergency adjusters must keep in their possession at all times the West Virginia emergency license in order to be eligible to adjust emergency claims. 4.6. Insurers are responsible for their designated adjusters and will be held accountable for such adjusters' acts or failures to act.