{"disaster service worker ":"any person registered with an accredited disaster counci or with the California Emergency Management Agency for the purpose of engaging in disaster service without compensation."}
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19 CCR 2573.3

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Workers' Compensation: Disaster Service Worker Volunteer


A disaster service worker volunteer who is injured or killed while providing their services is entitled to workers' compensation.

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Workers' Compensation Claims

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Claim Packages. Workers' compensation claims for injuries/illnesses sustained by disaster service worker volunteers while performing disaster service, shall be filed under the same authorities and guidelines as claims filed by paid employees. The claim shall include: (a) the appropriate claim and employer's report of injury/illness forms as prescribed by the State Compensation Insurance Fund; (b) a written narrative account of the incident that may include witness statements; and, (c) a copy of the claimant's current disaster service worker volunteer registration form indicating the loyalty oath or affirmation was administered. (d) If injury due to a training activity, the claim shall also include: (1) a copy of a training document verifying the disaster service worker volunteer's participation, and (2) a copy of the written pre-authorization of the training activity by the accredited disaster council or its designee.