{"Volunteer emergency worker":"An individual who is registered with a local emergency management organization as an emergency worker and who holds an identification card for emergency volunteer activities and who is not receiving compensation for services."}
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RCW 38.52.110

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Privileges, Benefits and Immunities: Citizens Providing Aid in Another Jurisdiction


If the governor forces citizens of Washington to be involved in providing services or equipment during a declared emergency or disaster, the citizens recruited for service on behalf of the governor will enjoy all privileges, benefits and immunities from being legally responsible that registered volunteer emergency workers enjoy.

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Use of existing services and facilities — Impressment of citizenry

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(1) In carrying out the provisions of this chapter, the governor and the executive heads of the political subdivisions of the state are directed to utilize the services, equipment, supplies, and facilities of existing departments, offices, and agencies of the state, political subdivisions, and all other municipal corporations thereof including but not limited to districts and quasi municipal corporations organized under the laws of the state of Washington to the maximum extent practicable, and the officers and personnel of all such departments, offices, and agencies are directed to cooperate with and extend such services and facilities to the governor and to the emergency management organizations of the state upon request notwithstanding any other provision of law. (2) The governor, the chief executive of counties, cities and towns and the emergency management directors of local political subdivisions appointed in accordance with this chapter, in the event of a disaster, after proclamation by the governor of the existence of such disaster, shall have the power to command the service and equipment of as many citizens as considered necessary in the light of the disaster proclaimed: PROVIDED, That citizens so commandeered shall be entitled during the period of such service to all privileges, benefits and immunities as are provided by this chapter and federal and state emergency management regulations for registered emergency workers.