{"Volunteer emergency worker":"An individual who is registered with a local emergency management organization as an emergency worker and who holds an identification card for emergency volunteer activities and who is not receiving compensation for services."}
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RCW 38.52.180(7)

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Workers’ Compensation: Volunteer Emergency Worker Status


An individual who is otherwise entitled to receive workers’ compensation from another source will not lose that entitlement merely by serving as a volunteer emergency worker.

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Liability for property damage, bodily injury, death — Immunity — Assumption by state — Indemnification — Immunity from liability for covered volunteers

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(7) The provisions of this section shall not affect the right of any person to receive benefits to which he or she would otherwise be entitled under this chapter, or under the workers’ compensation law, or under any pension or retirement law, nor the right of any such person to receive any benefits or compensation under any act of congress.