{"Emergency worker":"Any individual registered with a local emergency management organization or the Washington military department and holds an identification card or any individual who is an employee of the state called upon to perform emergency management activities"}
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RCW 38.52.080

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Powers, Duties, Rights, Privileges, and Immunities: Emergency Workers Providing Aid in Another Jurisdiction


Under a reciprocal mutual aid agreement, an individual who is an emergency worker and providing aid in another state or somewhere in Washington outside of the individual’s hometown will enjoy all powers, duties, rights, privileges, and immunities from being legally responsible that the individual would have enjoyed in the individual’s hometown.

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Outside aid — Rights and liabilities — Claims

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(1) Whenever the employees of any political subdivision are rendering outside aid pursuant to the authority contained in RCW 38.52.070 such employees shall have the same powers, duties, rights, privileges, and immunities as if they were performing their duties in the political subdivisions in which they are normally employed. (2) The political subdivision in which any equipment is used pursuant to this section shall be liable for any loss or damage thereto and shall pay any expense incurred in the operation and maintenance thereof. No claim for such loss, damage, or expense shall be allowed unless, within sixty days after the same is sustained or incurred, an itemized notice of such claim under oath is served by mail or otherwise upon the executive head of such political subdivision where the equipment was used. The term “employee” as used in this section shall mean, and the provisions of this section shall apply with equal effect to, volunteer auxiliary employees, and emergency workers. (3) The foregoing rights, privileges, and obligations shall also apply in the event such aid is rendered outside the state, provided that payment or reimbursement in such case shall or may be made by the state or political subdivision receiving such aid pursuant to a reciprocal mutual aid agreement or compact with such state or by the federal government.