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WAC 118-04-100(6)

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Scope of Practice: Temporary Emergency Worker


When an emergency declaration is in effect, or during a related event, a Temporary or General Emergency Worker who is not providing any specialized service can perform duties that an individual without specific emergency assignment could perform (such as conducting sandbagging operations during a flood or helping with training activities for specialized providers).

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Classes of emergency workers

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(6) General includes, but is not limited to, duties which can be performed by persons without permanent specific emergency assignment. These emergency workers may include personnel who are not ordinarily a part of an emergency response organization and who do not have any specific training or qualifications, but whose participation is essential to a specific emergency operation such as conducting sandbagging operations during a flood. These persons may be necessary for training or exercise activities such as serving as disaster casualties. These personnel shall register as temporary emergency workers for the period of time they are participating in emergency activities.