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WAC 118-04-100(9)

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Scope of Practice: Emergency Mass Care Worker


When an emergency declaration is in effect, or during a related event, an Emergency Mass Care Worker can provide food, clothing, non-medical evacuation, registration, and lodging in mass care centers. They can also collect information, perform health and welfare inquiries, and provide counseling (if the emergency worker is a qualified counselor).

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(9) Mass care includes, but is not limited to, the provision of food, clothing, and lodging in mass care centers for persons whose homes have been destroyed or have been made temporarily uninhabitable by emergency or disaster, evacuation service for other than medical cases, registration and information, health and welfare inquiries, provision of temporary housing, counseling performed by qualified counselors, and other necessary assistance to disaster victims. It includes all duties required by current shelter management guidelines and procedures published in approved state or local emergency operations and shelter plans.