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3 CCR 716-1:1-10

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Retired Volunteer License: Nurse


A retired nurse can apply for a retired volunteer nurse license with the Board of Nursing to continue to volunteer as a nurse when choosing not to renew an active license.

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Retired Volunteer Nurse Licensure

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10.1 Applicants for Retired Volunteer Licensure must meet all requirements of Section 12-38-112.5, C.R.S. 10.2 A licensee on retired status in accordance with Section 12-38-112.5, C.R.S., may apply to reinstate to active status. The reinstatement application must be submitted as described in Section 5 of these Chapter 1 Rules and Regulations and the applicant must demonstrate competency by one of the following: A. Proof they have actively volunteered as a nurse during the two (2) year period immediately preceding application. B. Proof they meet the Board's requirements for demonstrated competency as defined in Section 24-34-102(8)(d), C.R.S.