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CRS 12-35-115(1)(k)

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License Reciprocity: Denist and Dental Hygienist


An out-of-state licensed dentist or dental hygienist who is in good standing can practice for up to 5 consecutive days in a 12 month period when providing care as a volunteer and invited by in-state licensed dentists or dental hygienists who are in good standing.

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Persons exempt from operation of this article

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(1) This article does not apply to the following practices, acts, and operations: (k) The practice of dentistry or dental hygiene by dentists or dental hygienists licensed in good standing by other states while providing care as a volunteer, at the invitation of any group of licensed dentists or dental hygienists in this state who are in good standing, so long as such practice is limited to five consecutive days in a twelve-month period and the name of each person engaging in such practice is submitted to the board, in writing and on a form approved by the board, at least ten days before the person performs such practice.