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CRS 12-29-106

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License Reciprocity: Volunteer Health Practitioner


When an emergency declaration is in effect, a health practitioner registered with a volunteer registration and licensed in good standing in another state can practice in Colorado as if they were licensed in Colorado. An out-of-state health practitioner cannot practice in Colorado if they are licensed in more than one state and any of the licenses are suspended, revoked, or restricting practice privileges.

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Recognition of volunteer health practitioners licensed in other states

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(a) While an emergency declaration is in effect, a volunteer health practitioner, registered with a registration system that complies with section 12-29.3-105 and licensed and in good standing in the state upon which the practitioner's registration is based, may practice in this state to the extent authorized by this article as if the practitioner were licensed in this state. (b) A volunteer health practitioner qualified under subsection (a) of this section is not entitled to the protections of this article if the practitioner is licensed in more than one state and any license of the practitioner is suspended, revoked, or subject to an agency order limiting or restricting practice privileges, or has been voluntarily terminated under threat of sanction.