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10 NYCRR 800.14

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License Reciprocity: Certified EMTs from Bordering States


An EMT certified in Vermont, Massachusetts, Conecticut, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania can practice in New York when transferring a patient or providing medical care pursuant to a written and authorized mutual aid agreement.

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Emergency Medical Technicians Certified by States Bordering New York

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Emergency Medical Technicians certified by Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania may practice in New York State without New York State certification, while (a) transferring a patient across the border between New York State and the certifying state or (b) providing emergency medical care in New York State pursuant to a mutual aid agreement with a New York State certified or registered ambulance service. The mutual aid agreement must be in writing, signed by an authorized officer of both ambulance services, and must delineate the protocols to be adhered to by the out-of-state emergency medical technicians and shall be on file with the department.