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WAC 246-851-545

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Retired Active License: Optometrist


An optometrist who obtains retired active licensure status can practice in emergency circumstances such as earthquakes, floods, when war has been declared, or states of emergency; the optometrist who holds a retired active license can also practice up to 90 days in each calendar year in non-emergencies.

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Retired active license

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(1) To obtain a retired active credential, an optometrist must comply with chapter 246-12 WAC, Part 5. (2) An optometrist with a retired active license may not receive compensation for vision care services. (3) An optometrist with a retired active license must renew the license every year on his or her birthday according to WAC 246-12-130 and 246-851-990 and comply with WAC 246-851-090 Continuing education requirement.