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Va. Code Ann. 8.01-225(16)

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Liability: Opioid Antagonist Administration


An individual who is licensed to prescribe, dispense, or administer naloxone or another opioid antagonist and does so in an emergency to an individual believed to be suffering a life-threatening overdose will not be held legally responsible for acting or for failing to act.

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Persons rendering emergency care, obstetrical services exempt from liability

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16. In good faith prescribes, dispenses, or administers naloxone or other opioid antagonist used for overdose reversal in an emergency to an individual who is believed to be experiencing or about to experience a life-threatening opiate overdose shall not be liable for any civil damages for ordinary negligence in acts or omissions resulting from the rendering of such treatment if acting in accordance with the provisions of subsection X of ยง 54.1-3408 or in his role as a member of an emergency medical services agency.