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Va. Code Ann. 8.01-225(4)

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Liability: Hazardous Materials Assistance


An individual who, in good faith, provides assistance at the request of a law enforcement, fire department, or government official following an emergency relating to liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, or other hazardous material, will not be held legally responsible for acting or for failing to act.

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Persons rendering emergency care, obstetrical services exempt from liability

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4. Provides assistance upon request of any police agency, fire department, emergency medical services agency, or governmental agency in the event of an accident or other emergency involving the use, handling, transportation, transmission, or storage of liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied natural gas, hazardous material, or hazardous waste as defined in ยง 10.1-1400 or regulations of the Virginia Waste Management Board shall not be liable for any civil damages resulting from any act of commission or omission on his part in the course of his rendering such assistance in good faith.