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Va. Code Ann. 8.01-225(B)

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Liability: Emergency Medical Services Instructor


A certified instructor who, in good faith, teaches a certification course for emergency medical service providers will not be held legally responsible as a result of such instruction as long as there was a written agreement with the Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services and the certified instructor did not act with extreme carelessness or with intent to cause harm.

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Persons rendering emergency care, obstetrical services exempt from liability

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Any individual, certified by the State Office of Emergency Medical Services as an emergency medical services instructor and pursuant to a written agreement with such office, who, in good faith and in the performance of his duties, provides instruction to persons for certification or recertification as a certified basic life support or advanced life support emergency medical services provider shall not be liable for any civil damages for acts or omissions on his part directly relating to his activities on behalf of such office unless such act or omission was the result of such emergency medical services instructor's gross negligence or willful misconduct.