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NY CLS Educ 6737

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Good Samaritan Law: Physical Therapist


A licensed physical therapist who, voluntarily and without compensation, provides care at an emergency without proper or necessary medical equipment will not be held legally responsible for providing or failing to provide emergency care or first aid. They can be held legally responsible if acting with extreme carelessness. This does not provide legal protection in non-emergency situations.

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Non-Liability of Licensed Physical Therapists for First Aid or Emergency Treatment

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Notwithstanding any inconsistent provision of any general, special or local law, any licensed physical therapist who voluntarily and without the expectation of monetary compensation renders first aid or emergency treatment at the scene of an accident or other emergency, outside a hospital, doctor’s office or any other place having proper and necessary physical therapy equipment, to a person who is unconscious, ill or injured, shall not be liable for damages for injuries alleged to have been sustained by such person or for damages for the death of such person alleged to have occurred by reason of an act or omission in the rendering of such first aid or emergency treatment unless it is established that such injuries were or such death was caused by gross negligence on the part of such physical therapist. Nothing in this section shall be deemed or construed to relieve a licensed physical therapist from liability for damages for injuries or death caused by an act or omission on the part of a physical therapist while rendering professional services in the normal and ordinary course of his practice.