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Va. Code Ann. 32.1-48.016

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Liability: Medical Reserve Corps or Community Emergency Response Team


An individual who serves in a Medical Reserve Corps unit or Community Emergency Response Team and who, in good faith, complies with rules issued by the Virginia Commissioner of Health or Virginia Board of Health will not be held legally responsible. They can be held legally responsible if acting with exterme carelessness or intent to cause harm. This section includes providing appropriate medical treatment or monitoring to quarantined or isolated persons, ensuring that the site of quarantine or isolation is safe and hygienic with adequate food, clothing, health care, and other essential needs, delivering an order of isolation, refraining from self-referrals, or any other rules.

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Immunity from liability

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Any person, including a person who serves in a Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) unit or on a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), who, in good faith and in the performance of his duties, acts in compliance with this article and the Board of Health's regulations shall not be liable for any civil damages for any act or omission resulting from such actions unless such act or omission was the result of gross negligence or willful misconduct.