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Regs, Conn State Agencies 19a-179-6

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License Reciprocity: Ambulance Service


An out-of-state licensed ambulance service is not required to be licensed by Connecticut when transporting a patient from outside to inside the state, from inside to outside the state, or during times of mutual aid or disaster situations.

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When license or certification not required

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When an ambulance service which is operated from a location or headquarters outside the State of Connecticut provides emergency medical services inside of the State of Connecticut, no license or certificate shall be required of the service or its personnel under C.G.S. Sec. 19a-180 with respect to the following activities of such ambulance service: (a) Transporting a patient from a location outside the state to a location within the state; or, (b) Transporting a patient from a location within the state to location outside the state; or, (c) Utilization within Connecticut for assistance during times of mutual aid mass casualty or disaster situations; or, (d) Responding in this state in accordance with a written mutual aid agreement which has been approved by OEMS.