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Conn Gen Stat 7-433d

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Workers' Compensation: Paid Firefighter when Volunteering with Another Fire Company


An active member of a paid fire company who offers their services to another fire company that is actively engaged in fire duties and the services are accepted is entitled to workers' compensation if injured while providing services to the other fire company. The firefighter is entitled the benefits as if they are a member of the fire department.

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Injury or death of fireman while engaged in fire duties with another company

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Any uniformed member of a paid fire department who offers his services to an officer or person in charge of another fire company which is actively engaged in fire duties, and whose services are accepted by such officer or person, shall be entitled to receive benefits under chapter 568, and under the contributory or noncontributory retirement system of the municipality for which such services were performed, in the event of his injury or death arising out of such services, as if he were a member of the fire department of such municipality.