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Conn Gen Stat 28-17a

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Workers' Compensation: Volunteer Organization


An individual who is a member of a volunteer organization who participates in a homeland security drill and is injured, disabled, or killed in the course of the drill is entitled to workers' compensation from the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection.

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Compensation of volunteers with volunteer organizations that conduct homeland security drills. Compensation for injury, disability, or death

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(a) For the purposes of this section, “volunteer organization” means an organization that (1) provides first responder, rescue or emergency medical transportation services, or is a volunteer fire company that provides emergency medical or rescue services, as part of its duties, and (2) relies exclusively or primarily upon volunteers to provide such services. (b) The Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection shall compensate each volunteer with any volunteer organization that conducts a homeland security drill authorized by said department that exceeds twenty-four consecutive hours in length who participates in such drill and is otherwise employed, at the same rate as such volunteer is compensated in his or her employment in the public or private sector, provided the payment by said department shall be reduced by any amount of compensation such volunteer receives from his or her employer for such drill. (c) In the event any such volunteer is injured, disabled or dies in the course of any such drill, such volunteer shall be compensated in accordance with the provisions of chapter 568 to the same extent that he or she would have been compensated for such injury, disability or death occurring in the course of his or her employment in the public or private sector.