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NY CLS Educ 6712(5)

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License Reciprocity: Veterinarian Technician


When an emergency declaration is in effect, an out-of-state licensed veterinarian technician can provide services within their scope of duties to aid in the response effort if they have received an official invitation from an organization coordinating animal and agriculture efforts in New York.

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5. A technician who is licensed in another state, and who is in good standing in such state, providing veterinary technology services otherwise permissible pursuant to this article during an emergency or natural disaster within the scope and location of assigned veterinary technician duties of the response efforts if: (a) an official declaration of the disaster or emergency has been made by the governor or the delegated state official; and (b) an official invitation has been extended to the technician for a specified time by the authority that has jurisdiction for coordinating the animal/agricultural issues in the state during emergencies either within or outside the emergency management assistance compact (EMAC). Any person practicing as a veterinary technician in New York state pursuant to this subdivision shall be subject to the personal and subject matter jurisdiction and disciplinary and regulatory authority of the board of regents as if he or she is a licensee and as if the exemption pursuant to this subdivision is a license. Such individual shall comply with applicable provisions of the rules of the board of regents, and the regulations of the commissioner, relating to professional misconduct, disciplinary proceedings and penalties for professional misconduct.