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Va. Code Ann. 54.1-3307.3

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Exemptions From Virginia Pharmacy and Drug Requirements During Emergency


When an emergency declaration is in effect, the Board of Pharmacy can waive certain requirements, thereby authorizing the following actions: A pharmacist can dispense Schedule II drugs without a properly executed written prescription for a person or animal; a pharmacist can also dispense Schedule III and IV drugs without written or oral prescription. A pharmacist does not need to personally perform or supervise the compounding process, keep records of compounded drug products, or maintain a formal written quality assurance plan. A prescribing practitioner does not need to supervise a nurse, physician assistant, or intern during the administering of drugs, as long as administration of such drugs is within the nurse’s, physician assistant’s, or intern’s scope of practice; similarly, a nuclear medicine technologist can administer radiopharmaceuticals used in diagnosis or treatment without a prescribing practitioner’s supervision. A practitioner of the healing arts authorized by scope of practice to dispense drugs, but not otherwise licensed by the board of pharmacy to sell controlled substances, can dispense controlled substances.

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Waiver of requirements; declared disaster or state of emergency

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When the Governor has declared a disaster or a state of emergency pursuant to Chapter 3.2 (§ 44-146.13 et seq.) of Title 44 and it is necessary to permit the provision of needed drugs, devices, and pharmacy services to the citizens of the Commonwealth, the Board may waive the requirements of this chapter, the Drug Control Act (§ 54.1-3400 et seq.), and the Board's regulations governing the practice of pharmacy (18 VAC 110-20-10 et seq.). However, the Board shall not authorize the administering or dispensing of controlled substances by persons whose scope of practice does not include such authority.