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CVR 28-070-005 (Section 3.9)

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Temporary Emergency License: Elevator and Lift Technician


When an emergency declaration is in effect, an out-of-state certified or licensed elevator mechanic, lift mechanic, or elevator inspector can provide lift-related assistance in Vermont immediately and without a license where local resources are overwhelmed. They must seek a temporary emergency license from the Elevator Safety Review Board within 5 days of beginning work. The Elevator Safety Review Board can give the temporary emergency license holder the same rights and privileges as a typical elevator license holder.

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Section 3.9. Temporary Emergency License. (a) Whenever an emergency exists in the state of Vermont due to a natural or man- made disaster, or work stoppage, and the number of persons in the state holding a license granted by the Board is insufficient to cope with the emergency, any elevator or lift company shall respond as necessary to assure the safety of the public. (b) Any person with a valid out of state elevator license shall seek a temporary emergency license from the Board within five business days after commencing work requiring a license. The company shall furnish proof of competency as the Board may require. (c) Each temporary emergency license shall indicate that it is valid for a period of thirty days from the date of the emergency. The board may also designate conditions to the temporary emergency license for particular elevator manufacturers or geographical areas in the state. (d) The Board may designate and otherwise may entitle the temporary emergency license holder to the rights and privileges of a license holder as otherwise issued under these rules. (e) The department may renew a temporary emergency license during the existence of an emergency. (f) No fee shall be charged for any temporary emergency license.