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12 V.S.A. 5781

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Liability: Service to Nonprofit Organization


A director, officer, or trustee of a nonprofit organization will not be held legally responsible for official actions taken by that individual or for situations where an employee, director, officer, or trustee acted or failed to act.

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Nonprofit organizations

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A person who serves without compensation as a director, officer or trustee of a nonprofit organization qualified as tax-exempt under section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as from time to time amended, shall not be held personally liable for damages resulting from: (1) any act or omission within the scope of the person's official functions or duties which is done in good faith, unless it constitutes gross negligence or an intentional tort; however, this subsection shall not protect a person from liability for damages which result from the operation of a motor vehicle; (2) any act or omission of an employee of the nonprofit organization; or (3) any act or omission of another director, officer or trustee.