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3 V.S.A. 265

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Workers' Benefits: American Red Cross Volunteer Employment Leave


A state employee who is a certified disaster relief services volunteer with the American Red Cross can participate in paid disaster relief efforts up to 15 days per year if so requested by the American Red Cross as long as the disaster relief efforts will be provided in Vermont following a declared emergency. The individual will not lose seniority, vacation time, sick time, or overtime privileges just by virtue of volunteering within this time frame. The individual will not be eligible for workers’ compensation through the state of Vermont by virtue of volunteering.

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Certified emergency volunteer leave

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(a) Any State employee who is a certified disaster relief service volunteer of the American Red Cross may, with the authorization of the employee's supervisor, be granted leave not to exceed 15 working days in any fiscal year to participate in specialized disaster relief service work if: (1) the request for service is made by the American Red Cross; and (2) (A) the disaster relief services are to be performed in Vermont; or (B) the disaster is a federal or presidentially declared disaster designated as Level III or above according to the American National Red Cross regulations and procedures; or (C) the disaster is declared by the governor of a state or territory. (b) An employee granted leave under this section shall not lose seniority, accumulated vacation leave, sick leave, or earned overtime. In addition, the employee shall be paid the employee's regular pay based on regular work hours during the leave, provided that the disaster relief services are performed in Vermont or the services are performed in another state and pay during such service is authorized by the Governor. (c) The State shall not be liable for workers' compensation claims of the employee arising out of the disaster relief service work.