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Utah Code Ann. 26-23b-105

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Obligation to Make a Report and Penalty for Failure to Report: Pharmacist


A pharmacist who recognizes an unusual drug-related event including an increase in prescriptions for antimicrobials, increase in prescriptions for diseases potentially caused by bioterrorism, or an increase in over-the-counter pharmaceuticals must make a report to the Department of Health or the individual can be professionally professionally disciplined by the Department of Health.

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Pharmacy reporting requirements

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(1) Notwithstanding the provisions of Subsection 26-23b-103(1)(a), a pharmacist shall report unusual drug-related events as described in Subsection (2). (2) Unusual drug-related events that require a report include: (a) an unusual increase in the number of prescriptions filled for antimicrobials; (b) any prescription that treats a disease that has bioterrorism potential if that prescription is unusual or in excess of the expected frequency; and (c) an unusual increase in the number of requests for information about or sales of over-the-counter pharmaceuticals to treat conditions which may suggest the presence of one of the illnesses or conditions described in Section 26-23b-103 or 26-23b-104 and which are designated by department rule. (3) (a) A pharmacist shall submit the report required by this section within 24 hours after the pharmacist suspects, in his professional judgement, that an unusual drug-related event has occurred. (b) If a pharmacy is part of a health care facility subject to the reporting requirements of this chapter, the pharmacist in charge shall make the report under this section on behalf of the health care facility. (4) (a) The report required by this section shall be submitted in accordance with Subsection 26-23b-103(2)(a). (b) A report shall include the name and location of the reporting pharmacist, the name and type of pharmaceuticals that are the subject of the unusual increase in use, and if known, the suspected illness or health condition that is the subject of the report. (5) A pharmacist is subject to the penalties under Subsection 26-23b-103(3) for failing to make a report required by this section.