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U.A.C. R698-7-7

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Liability: Use of Private Vehicle During Emergency


If the commissioner of the Utah Department of Public Safety designates a private vehicle to perform fire response, law enforcement, search and rescue, or other emergency response activities, an individual who receives written authorization from a government official can operate the vehicle to perform those activities and will not be charged with a driving infraction. The vehicle must be used only on a part time basis to assist a governmental agency during emergency situations, must have a current safety inspection certificate, and the vehicle must comply with the lights and sirens requirements of Utah law.

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Private Fire Response Vehicles, Private Police Vehicles, and Private Search and Rescue Vehicles

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(1) A private fire response vehicle, private police vehicle, or private search and rescue vehicle can be designated as an emergency vehicle if: (a) the vehicle is used on a part time basis to assist a governmental agency in responding to emergencies; (b) the owner of the vehicle receives written authorization to operate the vehicle as an emergency vehicle from the sheriff, chief of police, or fire chief of the governmental agency that the vehicle is authorized to assist; (c) the vehicle is in compliance with the emergency lights and siren requirements of Title 41, Chapter 6a; (d) the vehicle is licensed and has a current safety inspection certificate; and (e) the governmental agency that authorizes the vehicle to operate as an emergency vehicle has adopted written policies regarding the operation of emergency vehicles in their jurisdiction. The policies shall require compliance with the statutory restrictions and requirements of Title 41, Chapter 6a.