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Utah Code Ann. 53-2a-309(3)

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Workers’ Compensation: Statewide Mutual Aid


An individual who responds to an intrastate call for assistance in Utah is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for any injury or death that occurs in the course of responding to the request. The individual is also entitled to any additional state or federal funding relevant to the individual’s line of duty.

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Personnel responding to requests for assistance

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(3) Each employee of a responding political subdivision responding to a request by or giving assistance to a requesting political subdivision or the state as provided in this part: (a) is entitled to: (i) all applicable workers compensation benefits for injury or death occurring as a result of the employee’s participation in the response or assistance; and (ii) any additional state or federal benefits available for line of duty injury or death; and (b) is, for purposes of liability, considered to be an employee of the requesting political subdivision.