{"Employee":"Any off-duty emergency medical personnel, off-duty law enforcement officers, or off-duty firefighters who respond immediately to an inherently dangerous situation in the same way they would in their home community."}
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Law Number

ORC Ann. 4123.025

Summary Title

Workers' Compensation: Employees


An employee who is injured during an emergency is entitled to workers' compensation. If killed during an emergency, their dependents are entitled to workers' compensation.

Full Title

Person killed while performing duly authorized act.

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Any person, other than those covered by section 4123.03 of the Revised Code, who is injured, and the dependents of a deceased employee who is killed as the direct result of performing any act at the request or order of a duly authorized public official of the state, or any institution or agency thereof, or any political subdivision thereof, including a county, township, or municipal corporation, in time of emergency shall be entitled to all the benefits of Chapter 4123. of the Revised Code. Any payments made from the state insurance fund pursuant to this section shall be charged to the surplus fund as created by division (B) of section 4123.34 of the Revised Code, in order to encourage participation of all persons in times of emergency.