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Utah Code Ann. 26-8a-601(4)

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Liability: Supervision of Emergency Medical Service Provider


An individual who authorizes, supports, or supervises an emergency medical service provider will not be held legally responsible for the emergency medical service provider’s actions or lack of actions as long as they are done consistently with the emergency medical service provider’s training or done outside of a hospital where the patient’s life is in danger. They can be held legally responsible if acting with extreme carelessness or intent to cause harm.

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Persons and activities exempt from civil liability

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(4) A principal, agent, contractor, employee, or representative of an agency, organization, institution, corporation, or entity of state or local government that sponsors, authorizes, supports, finances, or supervises any functions of an individual certified under Section 26-8a-302 is not liable for any civil damages for any act or omission in connection with such sponsorship, authorization, support, finance, or supervision of the certified individual where the act or omission occurs in connection with the certified individual’s training or occurs outside a hospital where the life of a patient is in immediate danger, unless the act or omission is inconsistent with the training of the certified individual, and unless the act or omission is the result of gross negligence or willful misconduct.