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Utah Code Ann. 58-69-306(2)

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License Not Required to Practice Dentistry


A licensed dentist in another state, with at least 2 years of experience, can practice dentistry in Utah without needing a Utah dentistry license as long as the dental care is provided without compensation and with professional competence.

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Exemptions from licensure

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(2) an individual licensed in good standing as a dentist in another state, with no licensing action pending and no less than two years of professional experience, may engage in the practice of dentistry without being licensed under this chapter if: (a) the services are rendered as a public service and for a noncommercial purpose; (b) no fee or other consideration of value is charged, received, expected, or contemplated for the services rendered beyond an amount necessary to cover the proportionate cost of malpractice insurance; and (c) the individual does not otherwise engage in unlawful or unprofessional conduct